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Device Protection

Want to switch your device?

If you have a device plan, you can switch or replace a device whenever, wherever, and for whatever reason.

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Our next-generation device protection solutions help millions of people live an uninterrupted digital lifestyle, at home and on the move.

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  • Switch devices for any reason
  • Delivered to your doorstep the next day or sooner (in major cities)
  • Select from the same or similar devices
  • Various switch options


  • Instant digital protection for new and used smartphones
  • Easy-to-use remote diagnostic tools
  • AI-optimised customer experience
  • Can be embedded into any partners’ customer journey


  • Delivered within six hours to wherever you want in Seoul
  • Deliver smartphones, smart watches and tablets
  • Digital device diagnosis and valuation
  • Secure data wiping
  • Digital servicing

We work with some of the biggest names globally.

Want to switch your device?

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